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Adapter,Multi Adapter SL5501

  3 ways Swiss adapter   10A  ,250V

Adapter,Multi Adapter SL1068

adapter with Swiss plug, Spina 2P+T 10A Presa 2P+T 10A Schuko

Adapter,Multi Adapter SL153

adapter with Swiss plug 2P+T 10A French socket 2P+T 10A

Adapter,Multi Adapter SL1127

Prolunghe Lineari  Con  La Nuova Multipresa Volante,                      Spina 2P+T 16A, 1 presa 10/16A bipasso/schuko +2 presa 10/16A bipasso  

Adapter,Multi Adapter SL1112

Adattatore,Spina 10A, presa 2P+T 10/16A Bipasso ,                                   With overload protection device Manually reset t

Adapter,Multi Adapter SL1110

SCHUKO adapter,10A plug, 2 10A sockets and 1 Schuko  with overload protection device

Adapter,Multi Adapter SL1109

Adapter 10A plug,                                  With overload protection device Manually reset the adapter 3 minutes after unplugg

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